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Daytona 1 Racing Engine Treatment improves most all-fundamental operating efficiencies of an internal combustion engine. Dyno tested and proven to increase horsepower and torque, plus reduce heat, friction and wear (click on Dyno results below). Daytona 1 Racing Engine Treatment penetrates cylinder walls, bearings, cams, rings and valve guides by creating a molecular bond with ferrous metals which leads to a dramatic reduction in friction and wear. You will see and feel the difference. In race engines, simply add 2 ounces of Daytona 1 engine treatment per quart of oil being used. (Do Not Overfill)  Also gives added protection when using aggressive fuels such as methanol and ethanol. For street vehicles, we recommend using 1 ounce per quart.

Our gear lube is a great match with the XL-1 Engine Treatment for added torque and horsepower to the rear wheels.  

Each engine is different, however, many see an increase in horsepower of 1% to 2% and similar increases in torque. 

Daytona 1 Racing Engine Treatment improves most all of the fundamental operating efficiencies of an internal combustion engine by laying a protective coating on the metal surfaces. This protective layer acts as a Defrictionator™ reducing parasitic drag with all internal moving parts creating horsepower and torque. The motor oil is free to do it's job and keep the temps lower reducing wear.

Our fully formulated racing oils are blended with the proper amount of Engine Treatment so it is not necessary to add XL-1 or ZL-1.

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    Top notch products and great people to work with

    Posted by Ed on 24th Feb 2023

    Daytona1 XL-1 treatment goes in every oil change. We feel we get awesome performance and protection in every ounce!